1st grade handwriting activities for toddlers

Change up the angle and try something new while encouraging your child to work on letter formation.

handwriting activities for middle school

This post contains affiliate links. After your child has spent some time working in large formats, try some simple grid pictures or dot pictures for your child to copy.

Fun handwriting activities for 3rd grade

Keep the hand muscles growing stronger with lots of scissor cutting and playdough activities , and work on increasing finger dexterity. Try a new angle. Don't just give her words to copy. If they struggle with shapes and diagonals, then spend some time on those areas. You could also tape a piece of paper to the underside of a desk or table and let your child write upside down! It will not only strengthen the bonds of friendship but will also offer a fantastic opportunity to practice neat handwriting. As hard as it might be to find time, handwriting instruction and practice is beneficial for so many reasons. I gave my son the challenge of writing 5 words to describe something he saw in his environment a tree, for example. Try simple word puzzles, anagrams, a game of hangman, or ask her to brainstorm lists around a theme to give writing practice a purpose. Pencils can be boring when it comes to practicing handwriting. Remember, cutting out along a line also helps your child to focus visually on what the hands are doing — a good start for kindergarten handwriting! Focus your child's practice on the letters or concepts that challenge her and make sure she's using two hands to control the paper.

Visual Motor Integration Elsewhere on my site, I have explained visual-motor integration in some detail. Monster Mazes also has pages that work on visual-motor integration as well as eye-hand coordination. By now your child may have learned to hold a pencil correctly.

fun handwriting worksheets

Encourage Drawing and Puzzle Games In order to develop the physical requirements of writing — holding a pencil correctlyposture, control, dexterity, coordination — the more time your child spends manipulating objects, the better.

Keep the hand muscles growing stronger with lots of scissor cutting and playdough activitiesand work on increasing finger dexterity.

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Handwriting Worksheets