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Tesco to improve long-term growth strategy by firstly penetrating the market. Among all four independent variables, pricing consideration comes first as the most significant factor. Product- related considerations eg. Croft, Nick. Thus given them an advantage taking on this expansion project into unknown territories. When do private labels succeed? New York: Harper and Row. Trust-based commitment: multidimensional consumer brand relationships. Place Strategy Kotler and Armstrong , define place or distribution as a set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product available for use or consumption by consumers. Duncan, Tom The role of place marketing as a competitive response to town centers to out-of-town retail operations. Tesco provides low and stable prices, after receiving feedback from its customers Tesco cut down promotional expense to further lower prices. Journal of Retailing,.

Product quality strategy in charitable retail: A case study. It provides the lowest priced goods while at the same time maintaining quality. Factor two is named Product Consideration with all five tested items loading more than 0. Since internal impulses and the external environment also interact, resulting in psychological motivations to fulfill needs and wants, Kim and Jin argue that consumer motives are known to be the drivers of behaviour that bring consumers to the retail store.

The price of products and services often influences whether consumers will purchase them at all and, if so, which competitive offering is selected. Journal of Retailing, 77 1 Economics and marketing on pricing: how and why do they differ?

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Examining the relationship between marketing mix strategy and consumer motive, should contribute to our knowledge of the relationship that exists between them. Ansoff Matrix Strategy Market Penetration Increasing share in the current market and obtain dominance with the same product or services can be said to be market penetration.

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Tesco Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy