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His early style reflected his genuine appreciation for the beauty of the American wilderness, unspoilt by commercial development or tourism, whereas his later, more grandiose interpretation, reflected his fear of the clash between this pure nature and the aggressive American materialism which he was afraid would gobble it up.

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In so doing, he effectively laid the foundations for the entire style of Romantic painting in North America. Trumbull appreciated that Cole had been inspired by the wildness of American scenery, which other artists had seemed to ignore.

This article was most recently revised and updated by Kathleen KuiperSenior Editor. He also produced thousands of sketches of varying subject matter.

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While Romantic landscape painting was a firmly-established tradition in Europe by the early 19th century, Thomas Cole was the first artist to forge a version of that style centered on, and inspired by, the North-American landscape. This peripatetic lifestyle provided various opportunities for the young artist, including an apprenticeship in a printshop in Chorley at the age of fourteen, where he learned how to engrave designs for calico fabrics, and a period of work as an engraver in Liverpool during He also painted the 4-part series, The Voyage of Life. His influence on other American painters was profound. Ramsay Fund, The fourth highest peak in the Catskills is named Thomas Cole Mountain in his honor. In , he met his future patron Luman Reed, for whom he began work on an iconic series of paintings entitled The Course of the Empire On Trumbull's recommendation, Cole was welcomed into New York City's cultural world, where he became acquainted with luminaries such as poet and editor William Cullen Bryant and author James Fenimore Cooper. The couple was given a suite of rooms on the second floor of the house.

During the early years Cole lived for short periods in Philadelphia, Ohio, and Pittsburgh where he worked as an itinerant portrait artist. In May of Cole agreed to accept Frederic E.

The following year, Cole was elected to the National Academy of Design, where he often exhibited.

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Along with Frederic Church, and other famous frontier landscape painters like George Caleb Bingham , Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Remington , Cole remains one of the pioneers of American art of the 19th century. In May of Cole agreed to accept Frederic E. Thomas Cole National Historic Site. His family moved to Pittsburgh in , and then to Philadelphia in The most famous of these are the five-part series, The Course of Empire , which depict the same landscape over generations—from a near state of nature to consummation of empire, and then decline and desolation—now in the collection of the New-York Historical Society and the four-part The Voyage of Life. Trumbull recommended that two of his artist friends, William Dunlap and Asher B. In , Cole returned to Britain for study, to attend to family business and to travel to France and Italy.

Returning to New York inCole was given a commission by an art patron to execute five panels. He studied engraving briefly in England before emigrating to America with his family in

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In so doing, he effectively laid the foundations for the entire style of Romantic painting in North America. In Cole was elected a founding member of the new National Academy. Noble, the Church Rector. Additionally, Cole held many friendships with important figures in the art world including Daniel Wadsworth , with whom he shared a close friendship. On August 7, , Cole traveled to Europe once more, visiting relatives in England. His entry won third place, and many contend that the finished building, a composite of the first, second, and third-place entries, bears a great similarity to Cole's entry. Cole spent the years to and to abroad, mainly in England and Italy.
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Thomas Cole: American Landscape Painter, Hudson River School