A comparison of the great gatsby and citizen kane

By the time Gatsby dies laying listlessly in his pool, Gatsby's personality has been stripped away to a place where we can see how miserable and pathetic his life had become. Even though the guests come to his parties, Gatsby, no matter how many people try to exchange some insight with him, is still detached from the crowd.

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With owning his company Mr. Daisy, much like Susan Alexander, always convinced herself that she knew what she really wanted out of life.

Similarities between citizen kane and great gatsby

Many of the guests who attend these parties only go to enjoy the liquor and also to gossip. Gatsby and Mr. He started spending much time with Mr.. In this way Gatsby and Kane are similar because they both did not come from wealthy families as everyone assumes they did. Author: Brandon Johnson. And that crucial missing piece, which might have completed the picture, was love. This is precisely the problem. But, in a different aspect, Charles Foster Kane had nothing. And like Gatsby, Kane gets it completely wrong. Kane area reflection of each other and have many similarities and differences. In Citizen Kane, the reporter seeking Kane's story actually does read a diary, albeit from the perspective of Thatcher, Kane's guardian. We merely get fragments of a story that has already passed away. Most helpful essay resource ever!

The second version of the American Dream is one that has materialistic values, where one's dream is realised with gaining riches and having a high social potential. In Citizen Kane Mr.

This is prevalent in both, with similar characters Gatsby and Kane embodying this quintessential American persona, this idealist, striving for something he has never known. The main characters in both stories are Mr. Kane on the other hand did not have any say in the way he was going to live his life.

When citing an essay from our library, you can use "Kibin" as the author. Leland, who had been drinking past his limit, said things harshly but truthfully.

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