A discussion on the importance of the danube river

But the increasing human impactspressure and serious pollution from agricultureindustry and municipalities affect the water supply for communities, irrigation, hydropower generation and industry, as well as opportunities for transportation, tourism and fishing.

A large quantity of reeds that grow in the shallow-water tracts are used in the manufacture of paper and textile fibres. Most grinduri are arable and cultivatedand some are overgrown with tall oak forests.

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Only the km canalised and dredged Sulina Channel is navigable. Ten economic benefits of the Danube for Serbia Posted on by dunavska.

All running water in Serbia is arranged into fishing areas RP. Rowing courses on the Danube allow for the holding of all domestic and international rank competitions, which significantly contribute to the success of Serbian kayakers at the Olympic Games.

where does the danube river start

Middle Basin In its middle reaches, the Danube looks more like a flatbed river, with around half the speed of the Upper Danube, with low banks and a bed that reaches a width of more than 1. The lower course flows from the Iron Gate to the deltalike estuary at the Black Sea.

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Ten economic benefits of the Danube for Serbia