A summary of the story moma duck and her seven eggs

He says that the shack is his summer residence. There she finds a fox reading a newspaper. The fox is never seen again. Cory Silverberg, a sex educator, was inspired to write "What Makes A Baby" for friends of his, a biological woman and transgender man who conceived their son with donor sperm, and he intentionally crafted the story so that parents of any gender or sexual identity who conceived with any type of reproductive assistance can incorporate their own details an accompanying reader's guide offers advice on how to do so.

duck short story

She finds it comfortable, however, and soon makes a nest and lays a few eggs. And ultimately, they impart the most important lesson of all. He tells her that he loves eggs and ducklings and will be happy to have a nest full of them in his shed. A collie dog named Kep sees Jemima take two onions from the kitchen.

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The Tale of Jemima Puddle