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The Kawamuras and the other Nikkei are finally freed from camp when, according to Lily's voice over, the United States Supreme Court found the internment unconstitutional.

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McGurn gets a job working as a "fish smasher. It's a sweet scene, reminiscent of some of the Hollywood movies being made at about the same time.

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Lily and Jack have had a daughter, who goes into the camp with her mother, while Jack goes into the Army, but not before one of the most lacerating scenes in the film, when Jack takes his little daughter to meet Santa Claus, and Santa refuses to let the child sit on his lap.

The dilemma of representing U. They are his family now and he belongs with them.

It's love at first sight, and the two begin an affair behind the back of Lily's large family. NOTES 1.

By adding the Quaid character, he is able to show in one story how eager we sometimes are to deprive people of their rights for both racial and political reasons. Finally visiting the camp, he arranges a private meeting with his wife's father, telling him that he has gone AWOL and wants to stay with them, whatever they have to go through. When Jack doesn't come home that night, Lily feels neglected and returns to L. Unfortunately, the historical record teaches a different lesson. Kawamura's sickbed advice, becomes willing to submissively turn himself over to the Army after going A. Returning, ready to face his punishment for desertion, he is met by FBI agents, who have identified "McGann" as being the McGurn wanted for his part in the arson of years before. The film eurocentrically assumes that its audience will find the familiar romantic dilemmas of the white male lead more interesting than the rare, penetrating glimpse into the United States' past that Charlie might have provided had he been a leading character. Tweet Here is a movie about people who insist they are Americans, even when small and evil-minded people in power would treat them as if they were not.

Kawamura rejoins his family in the camp, but he is too dispirited to feign a normal life. But one day, when Mr.

For example, in a vindictive cover story, Newsweek portrayed cultural consciousness in the universities as the "new McCarthyism. That means he, too, is not an "American" - at least not in the eyes of the company goons. The theme of the whole movie is that all of its characters are Americans, too. But, the term "Asian American" is itself Eurocentric because it is "an externally imposed label" that distinguishes some U. He falls in love with his Japanese boss's daughter. Charlie's futile activism, then, merely confirms his "foreignness. Why are the two lovers so drawn to each other? When Jack doesn't come home that night, Lily feels neglected and returns to L. And Mr.

Five years later, Jack and Lily are settled in Seattle with a daughter, Mini Elizabeth Gilliambut Jack continues his labor activism in the cannery where he works.

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