Alternative energy the correct response to

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Alternative energy the correct response to

A — Yes and here are two. Why are the remaining five all solar? In addition to its projected high yield, algaculture— unlike food crop-based biofuels — does not entail a decrease in food production, since it requires neither farmland nor fresh water. This will create a technology gap between the U. It is a picked fuel because it is plant remains which have been pickled in plant-produced acids. Solartwin Solar Thermal panels have just become not only a cost cutting and very green option to heat your water but now you will receive additional It does not take away or directly conflict with the food supply because it is produced from wood, grasses, or non-edible parts of plants. Governments are assessing their current regulatory, market and rule structures to determine how best to adapt and are doing so within the framework of existing long-lived transmission and distribution infrastructure investment that also needs to adapt to dynamic changes in power supply and consumption.

The need to adapt or create regulatory, market and rule structures was required to accommodate the unbundling of electric utilities into a mixture of generation, transmission and distribution segments, while also developing and implementing retail and wholesale supply and market regimes.

Of course, a tiny amount of light and heat also arrives from other stars than the sun. Storage is often useful. A — Technically it is neither. These are domestic implications — the geostrategic and national security implications are more concerning.

alternative sources of energy projects

It can be interesting to make a table of all the options! Q3 — Why is solar sometimes termed the primary renewable energy? This would be a CoP.

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Alternative Energy & Power