An analysis of a website

HINT: Expect your unique visitor count to climb and fall in direct correlation with your online marketing efforts as well as peak seasons for website traffic for your industry.

An analysis of a website

Other basic on-page elements to have keywords are: heading tags, Meta description, and alt attributes. Links Search engines use the number of links to a website as an indicator of its importance. Organize the report by placing the executive summary first, then methods, findings, discussion, recommendations and any appendices such as a scoring matrix. This is what we do. Ask someone to review your report for clarity. Lucky for you though, this step is much more direct than consistently picking through website traffic data. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of these. So make sure every single word and image on your website is about your customer, not about you! If you have wisely installed your analytics program when you launched your website, then you should have a sufficient amount of data to make some conclusions as to whether or not your website is performing as optimally as possible. The big bonus is that you can filter all this data with behavior tags, or compare historical data. A mistake that is preventing them from getting 10x the results from their website.

Here is an example of a tweet which contains Twitter card information i. Title tags, also known as meta titles, appear on the search engine results page and make a big difference in whether or not a potential visitor will click on your listing.

website comparison analysis

Understanding your visitors is extremely important and signing up for the 7-day trial and testing this tool will help you with this. If you do need to use jargon, define such terms when you first use them.

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This is what it will do for you. Set up a redirect to correct these issues. These 7 website stat categories will unveil a lot about how your website is performing.

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HINT: For just about any business or website, a high returning visitor count is a great gauge of how resourceful and authoritative your website is. The information and data points you actually need to know about your competitors will depend largely on the type of marketing strategies that are most important to your industry and the amount of effort you need to put in to improve them: Organic Traffic.

So make sure every single word and image on your website is about your customer, not about you!

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How to Analyze a Website and Marketing Plan