An examination of the political debate between gore and bush

Now, as for the proposals that I've worked for for renewables and conservation and efficiency and the new technologies, the fact is for the last few years in the Congress we faced a lot of opposition to them.

Debate blunders

Now, surely, we can send 5 percent of that back to you all who pay the bills. Miami-Dade and Broward had not even agreed to look for undervotes. A Fair Count Does Not Guarantee an Accurate Result Regarding the first line of inquiry, there can be little doubt that more Florida voters who cast ballots in the presidential election preferred Gore to Bush and that a well-functioning electoral system would have accurately captured this preference, thus making Gore the winner of the presidency. BUSH Wait a minute. Gore never should have put himself in the situation where he needed to telephone Bush a second time to retract the concession that he had made to Bush in his first call. You know how I know? Because when we sell these new products here, we'll then be able to sell them overseas. These ballots had simply disappeared—but, had they still existed, might have made the difference. GORE Excellent question and here's the simple difference. I think one of the hallmarks of my relationship in Austin, Tex. Gentlemen, these are your rules. The debates are sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates and they will be conducted within formats and rules agreed to by the commission and the two campaigns. Not just a few. It's something the vice president's -- the vice presidential running mate supports.

I think that all new teachers ought to be tested, including in the subjects that they teach. Fifty million of you won't receive it. I think the F. Had the shoe been on the other foot, no Democrat would have found acceptable a procedure that permitted the same ballot, with an identically dimpled chad, to be counted differently depending on whether it was counted by one local official rather than another.

The administration did not deal with it.

presidential debate gaffes

And that is a huge difference. I think we need to make education the No. Every middle-class family is eligible for a tax cut under my proposal.

Gore bush debate

Today we import a million barrels from Saddam Hussein. After certification, the losing candidate truly would be attempting to take away a victory that the law had determined belonged to the opposing candidate. The competing strategic imperatives of the two campaigns were clear. As was also true in , an unbridgeable gap can sometimes exist between a fair counting and a fair casting of ballots. But there'd be no limit on the premiums or the deductibles or any of the terms and conditions. Four, we're going to say if you receive federal money, measure third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade and show us whether or not children are learning to read and write and add and subtract and if so, there'll be a bonus plan and -- but if not, instead of continuing to subsidize failure, the money will go to the parents so the parent can choose a different public school. If you itemize your tax return, you get no marriage penalty relief. Jim, under my plan, I will put Medicare in an ironclad lock box and prevent the money from being used for anything other than Medicare. Still more had a variety of problems.

Federal employees have got a variety of choices from which to choose, so should seniors. Accordingly, the Gore campaign pressed for an interpretation of the protest statute that, not limited to errors in the functioning of the vote-tabulation machinery, would permit the manual retrieval of undervotes.

I think the governor may not have heard what I said clearly.

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