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Also a huge amount of information I found very interesting on internet, different websites and organizations who are trying to promote this material as a sustainable construction method. Staverci willage, Pleven region source: B.

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Most of the old famous buildings were always built from materials found in the area, resulting primarily from the ground. Architecture in Asia- traditional, modern, or fusion? An exploratory tracing of modern architecture and highlights with current practices in the UK. What is the possible effects of the Indian movie industry surpassing the popularity of the American one? With so fast growing industry all around the world, the strong and typical old earthen techniques are became abandon for construction. In layers until is filled and create a monolithic wall; it is a mixture of clay and sandy soil mixed together with water. This research shows that there are numerous Africa and architecture- an exploration of colonial and local architecture. It is not only a question of economy, or society or surrounded environment, all that sectors work together for a well-being, for one sustainable solution.

Built in in place of - old building from the 13th century. Some of them have occurred gradually over time. Modern architecture and cultural imprints- a comparative review of architectural highlights in China, Turkey and the UK. I will show in that group two different types of earth block construction: adobe — units that are constructed without recourse to mechanical advantage, and compressed earth block — using machine to provide increased compactive effort.

The walls of adobe construction remind the techniques as fired masonry, with similar bond patterns and mortar joints. The soil in adobe construction is richer in clay and silt than soil mixtures using for cob construction.

Turning left, past the statue, the visitor re-enters the building behind a beautiful slab of onyx with a view down to the light box in the depth. With the big influence from new and more modern technologies, this techniques became a bit forgotten.

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The models are create to be more useful and create bore then one brick in the same time. Borislav Burov, architect source: B. Modern architecture- a means to forge national values or objective functionalism?

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How important are short films to avid movie goers? I will show now some of them for residential, cultural, educational and commercial building.

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