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All along, people who lived off the land and off the flesh of the buffalo understood that all was connected. Protection and devotion — Bison are protective animals and their symbolism is particularly strong about that. They are stubborn, in a way, which might turn out bad both for them and people with bison totem, if not paying attention. It is a regal creature, exemplified by the White Buffalo. This is the time to make sure you have enough room in your life to roam and explore, as well as to test your boundaries by going over fences and expanding your range. If the Bison is your spirit animal, it means that the family is very important for you and you are ready to do anything to protect your family. You have the opportunity to spread abundance wherever you go as long as you stay true to who you are AND now is the time to give thanks for the myriad of ways that the Divine brings abundance into your life. They live eating grass and not hurting other animals, if unneeded. The meaning of the buffalo is knowing that you are blessed beyond measure! It signifies gratitude and being aware of your part in spreading abundance wherever you go. This animal will give you strength and independent spirit. But, never let success get into your head. Treat all — great and small — with humility. Some rulers in the Asian region have also used the buffalo or bison as a symbol of their power. Honor everything that comes your way.

Positive Traits of the Buffalo Spirit Animal When you have the buffalo spirit animal working in your life, you share its traits of being unafraid. They have powerful bodies, strong shoulders and large heads. In the winter they survive by pushing the snow from the grass using their massive heads.

It is a regal creature, exemplified by the White Buffalo.

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It is a time when things and ideas start blooming again. Perhaps you need greater conviction to stand firm on an issue. With the power and determination of the buffalo spirit animal in your life, it will ultimately mean that you are going to get somewhere in life and share in the spoils that then comes with it.

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The beauty of Buffalo people is that they are stable and sure, and naturally bear blessings in their wake. These associations are generally accepted in interpretation of spiritual meaning of animals, so we use it as well. All your wishes will come true. The iconic Buffalo has numerous symbolic meanings in various settings. The buffalo totem reminds you to remain thankful for whatever the circumstances in your life. Be kind to all the people who cross your path. In the first line, it grants you protection, prosperity and brings you fortune. Gratitude Buffalo symbolism is also linked to giving thanks much in the same way as turkey spirit animal.

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