Battle buddy

If someone slacks, slips or does not pay attention, that can be not just one, but multiple lives. When you've got to watch over six soldiers, things get missed and mistakes happen. Granted, you'll eventually either become actual friends through the process — or you'll swap to someone you're cooler with — but it opens the social gates for some of the shier soldiers in the barracks.

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Robert Taylor 2. Keep up the good work. Because, you know, even the Army can make something as simple as drinking a beer with your friend into a PowerPoint slideshow. Army photo by Staff Sgt. It gives soldiers at least one person to talk to when it gets rough Those studies also point to why the battle buddy system was implemented to begin with — to help decrease the alarming number of self-inflicted deaths and injuries within the ranks.

You would die to save them, and when you cannot it haunts you forever. Every time a battle buddy dies, a piece of us dies. Your battle buddies know that, and they are still there -- usually just a phone call, email or Facebook chat away -- no matter what.

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