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That said, the evolving nature of likely future operating environments highlights the need for more flexible vehicles with greater mobility.

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The Army's Standards The way we behave It is difficult to list every standard that affects our professional and private lives. In particular the mm light gun, mm rifled tank gun, and mm AS90 howitzer have reached the limit of their development potential. Some UK commanders believed that the Army was never properly resourced to achieve the tasks asked of it.

We forget at our peril that the peace we have enjoyed in Europe since is based on parity of strength.

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Traditionally, the Army has been focused on operations that required the use of heavy armour. Then we are trained to live by them. As well as manpower constraints, many vehicles and key weapon systems are approaching a cliff edge of block obsolescence. Ellie who wields the sword of Gabriel possess a… Words - Pages 6 Essay on The British Army were lions led by donkeys and ended in Automated logistics also saves manpower. It has always existed, but has increased in importance. The Army needs to be tough and aggressive and in doing your job, you will face people who break the law. Respect for others, including civilians, detainees and captured enemy forces, means treating people decently.

The Middle East is a major cause for concern. It was decided that a substantial reduction in UK public expenditure, especially on defence, was necessary to reduce the debt.

It has always existed, but has increased in importance. The AS90 mm self-propelled howitzer now lags behind other more modern artillery systems.

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British army values and standards essay