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I also liked Lennie better in the movie. Essay Topic: LiteratureFilm Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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Actions being of how they acted towards someone. I got the impression that George was a sensitive and kind man. While reading the book, I saw her as an unfaithful wife and a troublemaker. John Steinbeck, in his novel Of Mice and Men, makes use of similes and foreshadowing to keep readers in touch with the characters and at the edge of their seats throughout the story.

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He has an inquisitive and contemplating look about him. The filmmakers changed this scene so that Crooks was not involved at all and that George prepared the tar instead. These are only spoken about in the book, and I think are actually put in the movie to create less dialogue and more action. When the movie did not have that scene all she seemed wrong with her was she was lonely and had a horrible husband. Two of the scenes that were in the movie but not in the book were where George and Lennie get forced off the bus and have to walk ten miles to get to the ranch, and at the start, where George and Lennie are shown escaping from Weed. To feel isolated and lonely you feel like there is no hope, no future, no dreams or goals in store for you. Finally, at the end of the novel Slim, Curley and Carlson find Lennie dead and George with the gun in his hand. I think it was made shorter to add an element of surprise to the shooting, but by shortening this it makes it so that it lacks the suspense and emotion that was originally in the book, so I think they should have kept it in the movie. After reading the book, then watchisng the movie, I saw some major differences as well as some insignificant differences. The doctors are looking for Stephen P. Even so, there are a few differences, some insignificant and other crucial. He always watched over Lennie and tried do the right thing. It seems to me that the film is an unnecessarily prolonged version of the book.

It is a novel that almost everyone educated in the United States has either read it or pretended to read it. She tells Crooks that she could have him hanged, and no one would object.

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During the work scenes, the music was medium paced, and happy. This is not in the book at all.

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The book starts by describing the surrounding landscape of the Salinas Valley where Lennie and George spend the night by the river. Although the book is well written, the movie does not come close to those same standards. Is Charlie a good candidate for the experiment? In the book, Crooks, Candy and Lennie all have a grand conversation about the farm and the dream of having their own land. Going back to the previous point of Crooks and the tar, the scene when George took the mule into the barn to fix its hoof is altered drastically. In the book Slim comforts George by taking him for a drink. I no longer viewed her as a flirtatious and unfaithful wife. The most potent similarities and differences are seen through the characters, plot, and lesson to be learned. Both fairy tales compare and contrast with the more modern versions. The story however, is brilliant; the irony in the end where George kills Lennie out of love, how the story is composed of four major issues, the value of dreams and goals, moral responsibility, social injustice, and the bond of friendship and loyalty, and how loneliness is one of the main emotions.
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