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Raskolnikov backs Lebezyatnikov by confidently identifying Luzhin's motive: a desire to avenge himself on Raskolnikov by defaming Sonya, in hopes of causing a rift with his family. In short, Dostoevsky takes us beyond our limited experience of life and the moral blindness we live in to show us the lives of other people at other times.

She advises Raskolnikov that it was his duty and obligation to undertake the responsibility of his crime and carry the burden until he was redeemed. Raskolnikov was trying to understand how Sonya retained, in spite of her decadence, the virtue of the soul.

Strangely, Raskolnikov begins to feel alarmed at the thought that Porfiry might think he is innocent.

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But the act does not go as planned: it kills the old woman, but he also murdered his sister. He gains access by pretending he has something to pawn, and then attacks her with the axe, killing her. Svidrigailov, who has in fact arranged to meet Dunya, threatens him with the police, but Raskolnikov is unconcerned and follows him home. He stirs us intellectually and emotionally; he deepens our understanding of others and of our own individual lives. His fascination with her, which had begun at the time when her father spoke of her, increases and he sees that they must face the future together. When Raskonikov finally departs, Dunya, who has been watching them, approaches Svidrigailov and demands to know what he meant in his letter about her brother's 'secret'. Consequently, the reader must be prepared for opposite reactions occupying Raskolnikov's mind, and what would seem an inconsistency elsewhere is here used to explain his dual or split personality. They manage to get her back to Sonya's room, where, distraught and raving, she dies. A new form, a new plan excited me, and I started all over again.

Fearing a search, he hides the stolen items under a building block in an empty yard, noticing in humiliation that he hasn't even checked how much money is in the purse.

His descriptions of the room make us get the distinct impression of the feelings of a person living under such appalling conditions. He wakes to find another complete stranger present, this time a man of aristocratic appearance. Dunya is waiting for him at his room, and he tells her that he will be going to the police to confess to the murders.

Upon entering his room Raskolnikov is deeply shocked to see his mother and sister sitting on the sofa.

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Crime and Punishment Analysis