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The school board then votes to end the lockout. Imagine for example, a child that you are coaching is at risk of injuring or causing an accident, it would then be reasonable for the coach to step in and attempt to prevent that from happening.

You will learn which behaviors and characteristics will best motivate and inspire your players. Today, one of the key roles of a leader is to help their subordinates modify their behavior to improve their productivity, contribute more to the growth of the company, and to become a peak performer within the organization Kilburg, Some core assumptions that people have an innate capacity to grow and develop a focus on mutually agreed upon goals, and an understanding that the relationship is relatively equal and collaborative as stated by the author The impact organized sports had on my life has motivated me to create better experiences for those pursuing an athletic lifestyle.

If players fail to meet these requirements, they face consequences and punishments as a team and are expected to do an excess number of push-ups and suicides.

It takes hard work and dedication to become a successful basketball coach. In addition, Griffiths and Campbell stated that the coaching process is goal-oriented.

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