Discrimination against women in pakistani society essay

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The perpetrator may be acquitted and the victim may face adultery charges. That is why women had a particular recognition in society. Dependability was enhanced by conducting the FGD over 2 months, to ensure that the phenomena under study did not change Mass media was seen as a change agent contributing to increased awareness regarding the rights of women and men.

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But the question arises: how long will this continue? The major issue in this regard is that access to income by mothers does not imply control over these resources and that control in turn is a function of the position of the mother within the household. The son preference attitude was strong: In early childhood so many things are linked. But the oppression of women is rooted within the system itself. Crimes against women d. The protective effect of education against gender inequality is strong and unambiguous. They do not have the right to decide about themselves because women are considered as foolish creatures according to the dominant social and cultural norms. Heise L. Due to lack of evidence, she was convicted for adultery under the Zina ordinance, while the rapists were acquitted.

The more educated people in the younger generation stressed the role of education for future change towards more equal gender roles and relationship patterns. The country's first all-women university, named after Fatima Jinnahwas inaugurated on 6 August In order to cope, some women enter religious communities or religious events to avoid being home and further altercations.

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Furthermore, the lack of a clear mandate means that any available funds are ill-utilised, resulting in little or no progress on either front. Some other areas that the government can focus on include the establishment of technical and vocational training institutes for women, provision of childcare facilities at the workplace and equal pay acts directly aimed at tackling issues of discrimination against working women. A corresponding study with male informants might have yielded somewhat different results and would be equally important to investigate the topic in its whole. On the other hand, where sexual intercourse is established but the absence of consent cannot be proved, the presumption that such intercourse occurred with the woman's consent can place her at the risk of prosecution. Another study expresses that higher levels of educational attainment in both men and women are associated with increased knowledge, an enhanced capacity to access and to use information, more autonomy and more liberal ideas about the status of women Children who suffer an accident at work may also feel that this is their own fault for being clumsy or bad at their job, and the adults and medical personnel who they encounter may have the same attitude. Last year on the same dates a 13 year old girl, Sara, was subjected to this honour killing in Goth Khosa.

She is looking for my daughter's good proposals…but we say we don't want to get her married now, but she [mother-in-law] says time will run out and then good proposals will not be available. While men in general were described as being in the power of making decisions also for the wife, men on the other hand were expected to care for, obey and pay respect to their parents and elderly relatives.

Discrimination against women in pakistani society essay

World Economic Forum No. Also girls working as child domestic workers are often denied medical treatment when required since they are domestic help and do not share the same status as the other children in the household.

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They do not have a way out except. Hurdles in getting into politics j. Even though Islamic law requires that both partners explicitly consent to marriage, women are often forced into marriages arranged by their fathers or tribal leaders. She and her second husband, Sarwar were charged with adultery. On 7 July General Musharraf signed an ordinance for the immediate release on bail of around women who were currently languishing in jails on charges other than terrorism and murder. But if we look at the history of Pakistan, we find several women's movements against these criminal laws and customs. The ultimate destiny and victory of this struggle lies in the success of the Socialist Revolution. Hence the ultimate liberation of women is linked to the class struggle of the workers of all religions, nationalities, races, sexes and colours. Verification of transcriptions was done by the first author who listened to the audio-tapes twice. Unlawful customs b. Domestic violence e. Women's dependency on others over the entire life course, with little own decision-making authority, should be viewed as violation of women's human rights. So the younger sister will not get marriage proposals. East Mediterr Health J. She was awarded the Tazir punishment of one hundred lashes and three years of rigorous imprisonment.

He actually wanted to grab the land of these boys and used this accusation to kill the boys along with his sister.

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Essay about Domestic Violence Against Women in Pakistan