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The university itself becomes the product, rather than the education that the university provides. As a whole, Americans owe a grand total of 1. Students erroneously try to apply the same policies.

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Maybe the real challenge for ALL organizations is to develop a more enlightened view of how to pursue the mission on behalf of those it is intended to benefit. It can be presented in person by complaint or by his authorized agent or it can be sent by post. Students are consumers, not customers.

The majority of the consumers in our country are in a pathetic plight. We vocationalize higher education. Specialization of the retail business model is reflected in the institutionalization of enrollment management.

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Hook is like a good ad campaign — it sells the rest of the essay to your readers and motivates them to continue reading. Research shows that liberally educated university graduates are correlated with civic participation, volunteering and overall health.

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Central to seeing the public as the customer is an understanding that liberally educated students make good citizens.

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Higher ed should view the public, not the student, as the customer (essay)