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How serious is the problem of democratic backsliding in the Philippines, and is the country on the way to democratic breakdown? The reason that America watches these kinds of programs, and the participants in them perform these stunts, are because 'norms' are being broken This gives the Supreme Court the uppermost level of the judiciary.

The dramatic increase in EJKs has highlighted the relative powerlessness of the commission, as well as the divisions and weaknesses that characterize human rights NGOs in the Philippines.

Some members of the military may likely object to his pivot to China, his willingness to negotiate with communist insurgents, and his fixation on the drug war.

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In response to the Marawi crisis Duterte imposed island-wide martial law, which remains in effect. This is in large measure due to the May occupation of Marawi City, in Lanao del Sur province, by Islamist extremists affiliated with the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

The PNP is the government institution most deeply involved in implementing the drug war—known locally as Oplan Double Barrel or Oplan Tokhang—and therefore most directly affected by it. Macroeconomic growth was slow to reduce poverty, and the government was unable to rapidly improve infrastructure, especially in traffic-clogged Metro Manila.

Nevertheless, Duterte sees it differently.

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Given the attention that human rights organizations and the media have paid to the drug war, it is worth looking more closely at the reasons for it and some of its broader consequences. I also would like to emphasize that this philosophy of the government if pursued well, could actually bring a big big change in the state of the country today, more funds to go to proper projects for the people. Generational change. But during most of his first two years in office, he showed limited interest in this complex and contentious issue of federalism. Duterte and Mindanao. The picture is a mixed one, with elements of change, continuity, and regression. However, this could change if businesses feel that they are being hurt by poor macroeconomic management or excessive cronyism or corruption. Three years later in , only the one ship, the Victoria, returned to Spain with 18 men. In January , the Securities and Exchange Commission revoked the operating license of the highly respected news website Rappler, alleging that it has foreign owners and therefore is in violation of the constitution. LGUs are key actors in the drug war, and local officials need to juggle multiple and sometimes conflicting priorities, including protecting their citizens, cooperating with local law enforcement, and demonstrating results to central authorities. Some of these presidents were greatly affected by all these accusations about their governance that they resort to forced resignation, but some were brave enough to stand by their government and stay seated in the throne despite all the allegations thrown against them. Through a number of policy incentives as well as strict supervision by the DILG, the priority at the barangay level has now become the monitoring and surveillance of drug suspects and the rehabilitation of drug users who have surrendered. Timberman David G. The Catholic Church is an influential voice in Philippine society and politics, but it is not monolithic and its views do not always prevail.

Broad support for democracy among Filipinos has been consistently borne out in surveys.

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