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I generally feel good about myself and accept who I am.

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Health Triangle Yoo! The consolation and Minoan Arther dodge their summoned or circumcised disconcertingly. This person will often neglect socializing with friends for fear of missing a workout. The questions you will answer will be determined by your triangle. It pertains to the ability to form positive and supportive relationships with peers. Some ways to improve your social health are to join a sport , meet new people, and going out with friends. One of the sides from the trigon is physical wellness. For example, if your physical health is good, but your social health is less than adequate, consider joining a fitness center and meeting new gym buddies. Based on the health triangle it's a combination of physical, social and mental emotional health. If someone becomes overweight, it is normal for them to have a diet. Hopefully my physical side will become more even with my two other sides. Mental health deals with how we think, feel, and handle or react to situations.

Well the definition of wellness is a combination of physical. I have regular medical, dental and vision check-ups.

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The people you talk too, daily activities and emotions all affect your health and should be taken into equal consideration to be truly healthy. What is it that you do to cause those sides to be unhealthy? I take responsibility for my actions 8.

Social wellness is your relationships and your reactions to the people around you. I can adapt to changes in my social circles. You will answer from one of the sections below.

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