How to write a paragraph about yourself for a resume

Play with the structure and rewrite it until it sounds like you. A simple bio with concrete facts goes a long way.

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Commercial I have a strong commercial outlook… Your profile may state you are an "Accomplished sales director with success in developing strategies that have generated 6- and 7-figure revenue growth. Published On: 23rd May - Last modified: 15th Jul What is a resume summary? Start with the basics. No big deal! If you fit those criteria, you may want to include your years of experience and specific technical skills in the summary section. On the other hand, a resume objective states the type of position that the applicant is seeking. Alternatively, refer to a success story of when you worked alongside someone else to bring great benefits to the workplace.

A summary section can help reduce the complexity for those who have a wider range of experiences down to the most relevant, important points.

Here are some of my favorites:.

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For example, a job posting for a nurse could say the employer is seeking someone with 10 years of advanced patient care. A resume summary is more appropriate if you have some work history and various skills and experiences worth highlighting.

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Resume Profile Examples It's always helpful to review samples to get ideas for your own resume. Think outside the box Give examples of how you were made to think creatively and the benefits that such innovation brought to the company.

Browse Example Resumes Then, put together a one to two sentence summary that briefly showcases those skills.

how to write a profile about yourself
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Writing a Resume Summary (With Examples)