Human physiology and health coursework

The Human Physiology major provides a broad background in science and health while simultaneously preparing students to analyze the functions of the human body in a variety of research and clinical settings. The longer and the more extensive your relationship, the more valuable his or her letter will likely be.

Therefore, courses in anatomy and physiology with laboratory sections as well as coursework in statistics are prerequisites for the MS in HHP with thesis.

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Industry Professionals The goal of the Human Physiology major is to help students understand the function of individual human organ systems, appreciate the interdependence of organ system function and relate homeostatic regulation to health and disease in the human body. Returning visitors: log in to access your account. PLO1: Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management degree program, students will be able to analyze health data structure, content, standards, clinical classification systems and reimbursement methodologies. Develop excellent academic credentials. From cardiovascular disease to endocrine signaling, and from cellular transport to invasive species, our research on living organisms is at the forefront of novel discoveries to protect human health. Please contact us at clas-hhp uiowa. Begin early to develop relationships with people who can provide this support.

Post-baccalaureate Opportunities Employment The Human Physiology degree is intended primarily as preparation for graduate or professional study. OEH Occupational Health 3 s.

For further information about the Human Physiology program, please visit the Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology page on the Sargent College website.

Please contact us at clas-hhp uiowa. Run a business, inspire others, develop cutting-edge technology.

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Students majoring in Human Physiology will ordinarily, through coursework in the major, satisfy BU Hub requirements in Quantitative Reasoning, Communication, Scientific and Social Inquiry, and some elements of the Intellectual Toolkit.

A good example would be a class professor with whom you also did a special laboratory or library project.

Human physiology and health coursework

Students take core courses in the sciences during the first two years of the program, in addition to courses in the humanities and social sciences, included in the BU Hub requirements.

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Undergraduate Program in Human Physiology