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In this dispensation, Buddhism can play decisive role in providing and preserving the world peace. Speaking the Truth, going on the path of Dharm, giving respect to parents and teachers as well as the guest, daily studying the religious and spiritual granthas and last but not the least is to give with shraddha. Hence, these are the great reasons that Pariyatti education is mandatory for each and every person in present context of Nepal as well. Hence, they are not in a position to understand the real values of contemporary India. Therefore, once an individual is exposed to the value based education, it will be easy for them to intelligent interact with the people around them and, in turn, display a good behavior that is admirable and can be copied by anyone. Essentials elements of human rights in Buddhism. Roto press SA ,Geneva, Switzerland. According to it, each citizen should have necessary knowledge, understanding, skills and values. The education is not only made for the purpose of passing exams but also, for developing intelligent people who are able to deal with real life situations at any given time.

Knowing how the education in Norway developed is a great way to get a sense of how this phenomenon of personal investment relates to the benefits and disadvantages that society has had in this particular time.

It has been seen in the recent terrorist attacks in various parts of the world, that those who carried out the attacks were educated men and women. Paper submitted under topic education and training for peace.

Declining the ethical values in Indian education system. Therefore, human society is in turbulence and human life becomes more stressful.

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Journal of College and Character, ,Vol X no. Get Essay e. What kind of values do they possess? Therefore, Buddhism conveys this meaning by using three words, Sikkha training , Vinaya discipline and Nana Right understanding Kumar, IJMRD ; 2 1 : pp www. Corona Ave ,Elmahurst, New York. Hence, this is the true doctrine which promotes living together with inner peace and happiness forever. International journal of multidisciplinary research and development. References Arigtou foundation Ratnamalai ,W. A child of the twenty-first century showing unethical behavior and moral degradation seems everywhere; however, children are not to be blamed for this because there are several responsible reasons.

Because of the Church, Norway passed its Education Act inwhich. Teachers get strong support from students.

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Stable connection between teacher and students. Education India journal.

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