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These are the only details currently available about the ITIL master designation, but more information will be released in lateaccording to the company.

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Foundation level This is the first level of certification. The main aim of the practitioner level is to equip the IT folks with the ability to adopt ITIL frameworks at their workplace.

You can choose to take as many or as few intermediate qualifications as you wish. The cost for ITIL certification varies by geography. Intermediate level has a flexible structure and includes two categories Service lifecycle which consists of five examinations.

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The ITIL 4, released earlier this year by Axelos, was updated to include a stronger emphasis on maintaining agilityflexibility and innovation in ITSM, while still supporting legacy networks and systems.

No prerequisites are required to take this examination.

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This not only gives you a better perspective to various IT initiatives, but also ensures your decisions are aligned the bigger business goals. Professional advancements and better pay This one is a no-brainer as professional development with better pay is one of the primary reasons why people undertake an ITIL certification. SMBs may not have the financial luxury of allowing an important IT project to fail owing to poor management and lack of processes. It covers the knowledge necessary for running IT projects, teams and workflows using practical and technical skills. The cost for ITIL certification varies by geography. Though no company wants to see IT projects fail, larger companies can usually absorb the loss of productivity, time and money that accompanies a failed IT service project. That said, earning this certification indicates you've reached the highest level of achievement in your field. You can choose to take as many or as few intermediate qualifications as you wish. Many small- and medium-sized businesses also now recognize the value of employees with ITIL certifications under their collective belts. Credit: Earl Follis Earl Follis Earl is also a year veteran of the computer industry, who worked in IT training, marketing, technical evangelism and market analysis in the areas of networking and systems technology and management. The five examinations will cover service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement. Earl is also a regular writer for the computer trade press with many e-books, white papers and articles to his credit. In most cases candidates and IT folks would like to engage an external agency to help them with their preparation for ITIL certification examinations. If put to right use, the certification will make you more productive and efficient at work.

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ITIL certification guide: Mastering IT services management