List three aspect of employment covered by law

I keep them up to date with any changes regarding the service users like their behaviour and any medical conditions which have either got worse or better. Parents can have 18 weeks off for this, and this can be spread throughout the year how the parents want as long as they give notice for their leave.

That everyone has the chance of a promotion or pay rise, gender shouldn't determine whether someone gets different opportunities in getting a promotion. Health and Safety laws relate to working conditions, minimum wage relates to basic salary and there are other laws that set basic compensation levels.

List three aspect of employment covered by law

For example, in certain and rare circumstances, it may be lawful for an employer to specify that applicants for a job must have a particular protected characteristic under the Act. Within the public sector Occupational Therapy can be practiced throughout the different areas from paediatrics through to geriatrics and more specialised groups such as stroke patients and learning disability. That does not mean they can ignore equality and diversity if they think they are not in their business interests, as employers must still comply with the law. They could also not employee someone because they are too 'old' for the job but could have all the right qualifications and training for the job but are being discriminated by age. Take samples which could include measurements and photographs of the work area. When the job is in a school which is a single-sex school so the teachers and workers are the same sex, as it is a 'genuine occupational qualification' that is required. Acting or modelling jobs that specifically want a certain gender for the role. Working as a care assistant we are linked to a variety of health care professionals such as doctors who come in once a week for check-ups on service users and possibly giving prescriptions so that we can monitor their condition. Olivia Fuller Unit 10 Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within in own area of work. Businesses and organisations know their own markets and sectors best, and should address equality and diversity with that in mind.

CQC go to a wide range of care settings to make sure essential standards of quality and safety are being met at all times. List the aspects of employment covered law.

employment law basics

Having the rights to request flexible hours and days. Being indirectly discriminated so that the company doesn't allow them to do certain things just because they have a disability unless it would be unsafe for them.

Legislation protects employees rights and covers areas such as: o Salary, equal pay.

what does the employment act cover

Whistleblowing 1 — Data Protection — Fairly and Lawfully processed - Processed for limited purposes - Adequate, Relevant and not excessive - Accurate - Not kept longer than needed - Processed in accordance with data subjects identifiable, living individuals rights - Stored appropriately or secure in the office - Not transferred to countries outside the EEA without adequate protection Data will not be used for marketing.

Report to: Rachael Hand. What are the main changes that have taken place in your area of business over the last few years? Equivalently, it is the lowest wage at which workers may sell their labor.

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