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This period in time that Machiavelli lived was the "rebirth" of art in Italy and rediscovery of ancient philosophy, literature and science. He lived during the Italian Renaissance from May to Emerging as one of the most influential writers of the Renaissance, Niccolo Machiavelli was a political analyst, whose aim was to free italy from foreign rule, as well as to unite and strengthen the Italian city states.

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Before he began his works such as The Prince and The Discourses, Machiavelli had a different idea of political thought. Machiavelli saw the stability of the state with utmost importance, using any technique available such as deception to keep it together.

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However, he also notes that in reality, the most cunning princes succeed politically. The two activities Machiavelli recommends practicing to prepare for war are physical and mental.

He was employed on diplomatic missions as defence secretary of the Florentine republic, and was tortured when the Medici returned to power in

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Essay on Machiavelli