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Sarah Polley as Elise. But as soon as they start a family she realizes that something is missing in their relationship, that he's never really there. Nobody tells the journalist that neither of them exist. Aboard the spacecraft traveling back to Earth, he meets Anna. Nobody is everyone and no one all at the same time, an illusion, the product of his own dreams. Polley was the first to be cast in the film. Years later, Nemo works as a pool cleaner , hoping to run into Anna by chance. Kruger described Anna as "the most complete of all the characters. The Angels, however, forget about Nemo, allowing him to "remember" different possible futures for himself. The film returns to old Nemo on his death bed.

He explains that the younger man does not exist. Tuesday September 25, pm PDT A half an hour of whispered dialog with the occasional English-child-voice-over explaining the butterfly effect to me is probably enough for now.

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She yearns to be the best of mothers but just can't do it. The Angels, however, forget about Nemo, allowing him to "remember" different possible futures for himself. One evening, while returning home, he hits a bird, loses control of his car, plummets into a lake and drowns. He explains that the younger man does not exist. Their meeting was a misunderstanding. Running throughout all the many paths his life could take or has taken, the adult Nemo recurringly awakens in a surrealistic world dominated by argyle patterns. Nemo tries to remember the movement of his fingers on the typewriter keyboard and eventually manages to lift a finger as this story line comes to a close. In one version of the story line, Elise dies in an accident on the return from the wedding.

Nemo insults her friends and they barely see each other again. She thought he was honest and full of love for her. Linh Dan Pham as Jeanne.

He recounts his life at three primary points: at age 9, when his parents divorced, at age 15 when he fell in love, and at age 34 as an adult. I'd heard of it even placed it on my watchlist at one point or another, but I knew of it only by a passing glance months ago on rottentomatoes and a few reviews on this site.

mr nobody explained

After a passionate reunion, Anna announces she is not ready to immediately resume the relationship. She doesn't understand why she can't pull out of it. As he is prodded, Nemo makes contradictory statements.

Nemo writes over all his possessions to Jean and leaves his family.

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Most people will probably be off-put by the fact that it doesn't try too hard to explain things, but that's the beauty of it. At age 9, at a railway station, he is forced to choose as his mother leaves on a train while his father stays on the platform. I'm going to drink some beers and watch something good.

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