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However, a review article supports the hypothesis that current or recent trauma may affect an individual's assessment of the more distant past, changing the experience of the past and resulting in dissociative states. It is interesting to note that patients have been known to develop more and more alters as the disease goes on. Medications are generally used to treat symptoms associated with other mental health disorders, rather than to treat dissociative identity disorder. Melanie is now a director of First Person Plural, a dissociative identity disorders association, and she frequently talks to psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs and care workers, spreading the word that DID is real. Self-help strategies include: Make time to regularly do things you enjoy, either alone or with friends. They concluded that the women with DID were no more fantasy-prone, suggestible or likely to generate false memories than those without a diagnosis. There are even some patients that have alters that are animals like dogs, cats, or some kind of farm animal.

There are even some patients that have alters that are animals like dogs, cats, or some kind of farm animal. Possession cases, where alternate personalities were easily observed by others Non-Possession cases, where switching between alternate personalities did not occur for extended periods of time, or changes in mannerisms and behaviors were slight or unnoticeable Bythe name multiple personality disorder was changed to dissociative identity disorder in order to better reflect a current understanding of the condition.

Or, there might be one part that endures the abuse, another that gets the body back to its bedroom, and another that goes down to breakfast in the morning. This is because the line between fantasy and reality for the patient has become more blurred.

Other patients simply found much more constructive ways to deal with their problems other than having hysterical outbreaks. Tests such as the DES provide a quick method of screening subjects so that the more time-consuming structured clinical interview can be used in the group with high DES scores.

The studies reporting the links often rely on self-report rather than independent corroborations, and these results may be worsened by selection and referral bias. Not everyone believed Charcot when he first came up with hystero-epilepsy.

People living with DID can have a range of symptoms which may appear at different times. When the staff members that were treating these patients began to ignore the symptoms that they were displaying, they did it gradually.

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It might also be linked to accidents, natural disasters, and war. Talk therapy is generally aimed at trying to unify, or re-unify, a fractured identity. He used to say he never knew what he was coming home to. Episodes of DID can be triggered by a variety of real and symbolic traumas, including mild events such as being involved in a minor traffic accident, illness, or stress. The stress of war or natural disasters also can bring on dissociative disorders. Can Multiple Personality Disorder be Cured? One part endures the abuse and contains the horrific emotional and physical impacts; another part exists afterwards. But with treatment, it is possible to alleviate symptoms and reduce disruptions in the ability to function in daily life. Currently, there is no cure for multiple personality disorder. Caring for someone with DID can be unpredictable and tiring.

Once he convinced them that they had the disease he would invite them to join his other patients that he said had the disease. Most previous examples of "multiples" such as Chris Costner Sizemorewhose life was depicted in the book and film The Three Faces of Evedisclosed no history of child abuse.

The problem with this disease is that people get so distracted by the dramatic symptoms that they fail to address the needs of the actual patient themselves.

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While some patients may initially present with a large number of alters, this number may reduce during treatment—though it is considered important for the therapist to become familiar with at least the more prominent personality states as the "host" personality may not be the "true" identity of the patient.

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Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)