Nari ki samasya

Yah saaree bataee gaee raastee sacamuc aapakoo sahee disha deengee. Vah puuree parivaar meen dhuree ka kaary karatee hai, jisakee ird-gird parivaar kee sabhee samasyaeen sulajhaanee eevan parivaar kee sabhee NM : Public Sector - A New Look This film is about the reforms that were urgently needed to save the sinking ship of the public sector.

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The motto behind this is to give a little cheer and few moments of happiness to these children as we can't give them life. NM : A Wish Come True Tathastu This film shows the work of "Make a Wish Foundation" which fulfills the wishes of terminally ill children regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status.

Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee addressed the problem and laid down policies that gave approval for joint ventures to sick units and allowed management control and decision making authority to those units which were doing well in order to strengthen themselves to meet the demands of the nest century.

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NM : Nari Adalat This is a unique adalat which is held under a neem tree. Read less.

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नारी : समस्या और समाधान / सुधा सिंह. Nari : samasya aura samadhana /