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Returns are relatively easy, but sometimes come with an eye roll or two.

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Will definitely be my go-to ribbon supplier. You just pull into their loading area to your assigned dock number and hand your paperwork to a worker and they bring out the orders to you. Visit our sister store Head of the Glass in South Oakland!

I confirmed in the Live Chat that the item was in stock and yet it hasn't shipped.

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Driving north on McKnight Road you have I was looking for a high end mailer box and found a really nice smooth metallic silver option. Lately, I've been really into mixing my own teas, so I bought a bunch of windowed tins round and square to give my blends away in.

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My business purchases boxes and packaging materials and for some reason PaperMart has a difficult time keeping the products in stock. Problem resolved I found this business from a well-known interior decorator's blog, so I thought everything would be fine. You can't find a better price online well you can order from overseas but good luck with shipping it over. Which was ok because I was in the area and I thought I would try. I love the concept of being able to find everything that I could possibly need for my small business, plus, they're local so I can pick up. But this Christmas I decided to buy a large roll of silver wrapping paper for presents and several colors of nice grosgrain ribbon. Quality is great. Confirm delivery with 1-hour time window 2.

I live about 5 hours by vehicle from this business and the I connects us. The Pauls' three adult sons do not live in Western Pennsylvania and none of

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I have been coming here for several years for a variety of things. Their customer service is outstanding. I'm particularly fond of the kraft boxes for my custom carved antler jewelry--I like to stamp the lids with a stamp I made myself for one-of-a-kind packaging that was very inexpensive. I confirmed in the Live Chat that the item was in stock and yet it hasn't shipped. This is horrible for a business that needs to fill orders for customers. I keep going back because I want to love this place and support them, but it just hasn't been a good experience. Kmart Store company data in - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Get directions from Kmart Store - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and see location, pictures, products, services and press
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