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Current issues in egypt 2018

The government continued to silence critics through arrests and unfair prosecutions of journalists and bloggers, and the parliament issued severely restrictive laws that further curtail freedom of speech and access to information. Economic Woes Freedom House cites "corruption, mismanagement, political unrest and terrorism" as reasons for Egypt's severe economic issues. The funds were released despite the ongoing and worsening crackdown on human rights in Egypt. In November, President al-Sisi ordered the law revised but the government did not announce a timeline for such revision. Instead, he got none of the above. In addition to using the exceptional State Security Courts, for which court decisions cannot be appealed, authorities continue to prosecute thousands of civilians before military courts. Retrieved Many of those were convicted in flawed trials. Browse Countries.

In July, the Trump administration announced that it would reinstate Foreign Military Financing funds to Egypt after withholding some funds in August pending improving democracy and human rights benchmarks, which were not published.

The intensified crackdown also includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT activists, artists, and alleged or self-described atheists.

Authorities have regularly failed to protect Christians from sectarian attacks and to prosecute perpetrators. The attack killed worshippers including 27 children.

Current issues in egypt 2019

Both court systems are inherently abusive and do not meet minimum due process standards. The restrictive Law 80 of on the construction of churches allowed for conditionally legalizing a small number of churches that were operating without an official permit, but restrictions remain largely in place. Retrieved 19 January Charles W. Egypt has a major influence amongst other Arab states, and has historically played an important role as a mediator in resolving disputes between various Arab nations, and in the Israeli—Palestinian dispute. According to Hafez Abu Seada, a member of the National Council for Human Rights, the Ministry of Interior acknowledged that out of people whose families reported their disappearance since remain in detention. Social and Labor Rights Authorities held in May the first trade union elections in Egypt in 12 years. Yet restrictions on freedom of religion remain largely in place.

Freedom of Expression Egypt remains one of the worst jailers of journalists in the world with roughly 20 journalists behind bars. However, while state officials claimed the elections were transparent and fair, results only reflected the former status quo, with the government-affiliated Egyptian Trade Union Federation ETUF emerging from the process effectively in control of the unions.

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The arrests included those who called for boycotting the process, such as the presidential candidate and the head of the Strong Egypt Party, Abd al-Moneim Abu al-Fotouh.

In addition to Egypt's struggling economy, President Sisi also has to deal with an Islamist insurgency on its borders with Israel and Gaza. Retrieved 21 March Although he claimed enforced disappearances are not systematic in Egypt, he failed to explain why the Interior Ministry did not report the whereabouts of people to families who had submitted official complaints.

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He remains in pretrial detention despite a heart condition.

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The Aftermath of Egypt’s Presidential Election: Stormy Weather Ahead