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These subunits involved frequent trading of people between units, separate development plans for women, and a flexible use of hierarchy and division of labor. The thoughts and emotions that best served them were programmed into their psyches and continue to drive many aspects of human behavior today.

Strongest human instincts

We believe there are great opportunities waiting to be defined by working smarter. Many other managers, of course, also do some of these things even though they are unaware of the evolutionary psychology perspective. A propensity for authoritative behavior might help, but some organizational situations call more urgently for other traits—such as empathy or an ability to negotiate. Further, the drive to act friendly can make delivering bad news—about performance, for instance—very difficult. Evolutionary psychologists would say that they are working against nature--emotional and behavioral "hardwiring" that is the legacy of our Stone Age ancestors. Suffice it to say, then, that managers should be aware that you can urge men to refrain from one-upmanship, but you may be fighting their programming. Using a variety of methods, including electrical stimulation, brain surgery, imaging techniques that film the brain in action, scientists in this field try to understand which parts of the brain control emotions and how chemicals in the brain affect thoughts and sensations. Indeed, an increasingly robust body of studies on twins conducted by behavioral geneticists indicates that people are born with set predispositions that harden as they age into adulthood. The vast majority fall in between, avoiding loss when comfortable with life and fighting furiously when survival requires them to do so. Likewise, they displayed their status and mental gifts in elaborate public rituals and artistic displays. What are the implications for managers? This lack of rigor endangers the reputation of all of evolutionary biology, making our endeavors seem to be merely the concoction of ingenious stories. Some like math better than poetry. The influence of the landscape around Mont-Roig, in southern Catalonia, can be seen

Some like math better than poetry. The negatives have by far the greater power and can wipe out in one stroke all the built-up credit of positive messages. After all, when you are living on the edge, to lose even a little would mean that your very existence was in jeopardy.

Behavioral Genetics.

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Even in small temporary groupings of equals, such as training events that bring together strangers from different companies, the beginnings of hierarchy can be glimpsed immediately in patterns of informal leadership and deferential behavior.

The larger the brain, the larger the size of the group. Further, like other scientific theories—the Big Bang and global warming, to name two—evolutionary psychology is the subject of fierce debate. Values and goals affecting causing ethical dilemmas in OB 8.

Take gossip.

Hardwired human instincts

Perhaps the most concrete take-away from this contention is that if want people to be risk takers, frame the situation as threatening. Techno stress and other stress factors in organizational environments. People wonder if personality and mental abilities are genetic or learned. Likewise, people with a knack for guessing what others are thinking tend to ask better—that is, more probing and leading—questions. Two notable examples are ABB, the multinational based in Sweden, which has become a world-beater by this means, and Virgin, which, especially in its early days, cultivated a climate of subunit entrepreneurship and self-management. In the unpredictable and often terrifying conditions of the Stone Age, those who survived surely were those who believed they would survive. On leadership, the evolutionary school of thought believes that "the passion to lead is the baseline requirement for competent leadership". From one season to the next, it was not easy to predict who would have food to eat, let alone who would be healthy enough to endure the elements.

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How Hardwired Is Human Behavior?