Role of chromosome 21 in alzheimers disease biology essay

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A consistent observation in all of these studies, however, is that there is a subset of aged DS persons who do not appear to develop clinical signs of dementia at any age.

Amplified developmental instability hypothesis states that a non-specific dosage of a number of trisomic genes leads to a genetic imbalance that causes a great impact on the expression and regulation of many genes throughout the genome [ 1314 ]. Various mouse models are used to observe degeneration of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons BFCNs.

Role of chromosome 21 in alzheimers disease biology essay

A healthcare professional will usually perform such tests inside the uterus. While mosaicism deals with the error or misdivision occurs after fertilization at some point during cell division. A total genes was estimated when initial sequence of 21q was published [ 11 ].

The first report of leukemia in a DS patient occurred in [ 39 ] and the first systematic study in [ 40 ]. By the age of 40 years, virtually all have sufficient senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles for a neuropathological diagnosis of AD [ 2 ].

Hsa 21 has There are reports of younger individuals with AD pathology although typically, not of sufficient extent for a neuropathology diagnosis of the disease [ 45 - 47 ].

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Langdon Down in [ 3 ] and identified as a chromosome 21 trisomy by Lejeune in [ 4 ]. People who have the condition will receive care for any health problems, as other people do. The other methods used for prenatal diagnosis in which traditional cytogenic analysis is still widely used in different countries. The National Institute for Child Health and Human Development urge all specialists to provide stimulation and encouragement. Early intervention can help a person maximize their potential and prepare them to take up an active role in the community. Alternatively, it is likely that there are multiple critical regions or critical genes contributing to a respective phenotype or group of phenotypes associated with DS [ 23 ]. Diagnostic tests include: Chorionic villus sampling: At 8—12 weeks, a doctor might obtain a tiny sample of placenta for analysis, using a needle inserted into the cervix or the abdomen. GATA 1 is a chromosome X- linked transcription factor which is essential for erythoid and megakaryocytic differentiation. Robertsonian translocation occurs when part of chromosome 21 breaks off during cell division and attaches to another chromosome, usually chromosome

Triple screen or quadruple screen: At 15—18 weeks, this measures the quantities of various substances in the mother's blood. Several researches have shown that HD contain the DSCAM gene which is expressed in neural crest that give rise to enteric nervous system [ 49 ].

However, they increase the risk of miscarriage, fetal injury, and preterm labor.

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Alzheimer's Disease in Down Syndrome