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They also appropriated funds to reconstruct many of the public buildings that were damaged or destroyed. Constructing new mansions without reclaiming and clearing old rubble simply sped attaining new homes in the tent city during the reconstruction.

On July 1,civil authorities assumed responsibility for relief efforts, and the army withdrew from the city. Others that hadn't been destroyed were dynamited by the Army forces aiding the firefighting efforts in attempts to create firebreaks.

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Most of the shacks have been destroyed, but a small number survived. Sullivan, was gravely injured when the earthquake first struck and later died from his injuries. The army also became responsible for feeding, sheltering, and clothing the tens of thousands of displaced residents of the city.

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Marvin and his neighbors have voiced their opposition to the project. Freeway overpasses, bridges and some municipal buildings have been strengthened.

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Newer high rises across California, which are typically built around a concrete core, are designed using computer modeling. A five-story building has the same strength requirements as a story building. Following the San Francisco earthquake, more than 40, people were relocated to a makeshift tent city in Golden Gate Park and were treated by the faculty of the Affiliated Colleges. Marvin and his neighbors have voiced their opposition to the project. Millennium Tower has sunk almost a foot and a half and is leaning 14 inches toward neighboring high rises. Army, are now housed with the records of the Senate Committee on Printing. Its president also immediately chartered and financed the sending of two ships to return with shiploads of lumber from Washington and Oregon mills which provided the initial reconstruction materials and surge. Lee, responding to a scandal about a skyscraper that was sinking and leaning, ordered city officials to strengthen building codes for high rises and requested an independent study on their safety. You'll learn why earthquakes happen, how they've shaped the Bay Area, and what you can do to prepare for the next one. Every one is talking of it this afternoon, and no one is in the least degree dismayed.
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San Francisco earthquake