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The upper male arms hold a lute and akshamala rosarywhile the upper female ones hold a mirror and a book; the others are broken. Lord Shiva or Siva is one the principal deities in Hinduism.

Postures and vahana[ edit ] A seated Ardhanarishvara with both the vahanas The posture of Ardhanarishvara may be tribhanga — bent in three parts: head leaning to the lefttorso to the right and right leg or in the sthanamudra position straightsometimes standing on a lotus pedestal, whereupon it is called samapada.

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This is the earliest representation of Ardhanarishvara, universally recognized. Brahma prayed to the female half of Shiva to give him a female to continue creation. Ardhanarishvara Shiva then enjoys his own half — the Great Goddess — by "the path of yoga" and creates Brahma and Vishnu from her body. Vishnu was amazed to see this form and saw himself in the female part of the form. Download stunning free images about Hindu God. In the two-armed form, the right hand holds a kapala skull cup or gestures in a varada mudra. The right ear wears a nakra-kundala, sarpa-kundala "serpent-earring" or ordinary kundala "earring". Amazed by his devotion, Parvati reconciled with the sage and blessed him. Brahma asks Rudra to divide himself, and the latter complies by dividing into male and female.

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