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Non Academic Junior Residents, Nursing students, those who did not give consent and those who did not respond even after two visits were excluded from the study.


She has told them, "We want a frank, critical, transparent, credible and independent review of our performance". Of the characterized B viruses, 51 8. Table 1 Open in a separate window The period of communicability of H1N1 infection 10 days was correctly known to Keywords: Swineflu, H1N1, pandemic, health care provider, influenza Introduction The outbreak of human infection due to the novel swine-origin influenza A H1N1 virus began in Mexico in March Australian Influenza Surveillance Report - Influenza Season in Australia Australian Influenza Surveillance Report No 09 - week ending 26 August Key Messages Activity — Currently, overall influenza and influenza-like illness ILI activity is lower than average for this time of year compared to previous years, and current activity is consistent with activity in previous years following a peak.

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Routes of transmission can include: direct contact with infected domestic or wild pigs; indirect contact, through ingestion of contaminated material e. Proportionate sample from each category of health care providers was selected from the lists by randomization.

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The drugs might eventually be demonstrated to be effective against flu-related complications; in general, the Cochrane Collaboration concluded "Paucity of good data". Materials and Methods: The present study was a cross-sectional descriptive study and was conducted in the month of September,among doctors and nurses.

During outbreaks and in affected countries, control of ASF can be difficult and must be adapted to the specific epidemiological situation. Diagnostic ASF may be suspected based on clinical signs but confirmation must be made with laboratory tests, particularly to differentiate it from classical swine fever CSF.

The information collected was kept strictly confidential and anonymity was maintained.

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African swine fever: OIE