The age of computers

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The invention of the transistor enabled the era of mainframe computers s — stypified by the IBM Those who could not afford a computer or a monthly access fee were denied these possibilities. Upon its release in the Apple "Lisa" computer — named for one of its developers daughters — was supposed to revolutionize personal computing.

And yet despite this universal imagery, nothing could be further from the truth Personal computers had become widespread by the end of the s.

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It added numbers entered with dials and was made to help his father, a tax collector Regardless of its drawbacks, by the end of the s, the world was fast becoming wired.

Have you ever given thought to who is to thank for all of this?

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Alan Bundys web page, I realized of all the ways we rely on computers in this day and age. These technologies include cell phones, information booths, digital televisions, and computers to name a few.

Twenty years ago people were just not up to date with computers back then. He and a friend bought 5, George S.

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Pagers existing since the s, were largely replaced by mobile phones beginning in the late s, providing mobile networking features to some computers. Viehe in and An Wang at Harvard University in Now your sensitive personal information is inside not only in your garbage can but as a result of the last couple of decades, information technology now has the ability to send your personal information in packets of data and over telephone wires McGovern- Thomas Eagleton campaign buttons for 5 cents each. Phone lines could only transmit information at a limited rate. Twenty years ago people were just not up to date with computers back then. Convenience was greatly improved. With all the written information that is in libraries, it seems as though people just skip right over that and head straight for the computer. Magnetic-core memory was developed from the research of Frederick W. Internet service providers like America Online and CompuServe set up electronic chat rooms. Starting in the late s, tablets and then smartphones combined and extended these abilities of computing, mobility, and information sharing. This map shows just how "wired" the world had become as of mid
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The Age of Computers Begins