The history of the political career of james madison the fourth president of the united states

By SeptemberMadison had emerged from the Constitutional Convention as the most impressive and persuasive voice in favor of a new constitution, eventually earning the revered title "Father of the Constitution.

Five feet four inches tall and weighing about pounds, small boned, boyish in appearance, and weak of voice, he waited six months before taking the floor, but strong actions belied his mild demeanour. InMadison joined the administration of his longtime friend, Thomas Jefferson, serving as President Jefferson's secretary of state.

Madison wanted to ensure that Americans had freedom of speech, were protected against "unreasonable searches and seizures" and received "a speedy and public trial" if faced with charges, among other recommendations. Overwork produced several years of epileptoid hysteria and premonitions of early death, which thwarted military training but did not prevent home study of public lawmixed with early advocacy of independence and furious denunciation of the imprisonment of nearby Dissenters from the established Anglican church.

He is therefore known as the Father of the Constitution. Madison was elected to the newly formed U. Both Jefferson and Madison opposed the national debt and would be ashamed to hear where our current national debt is at today.

American President Running on the Democratic-Republican ticket, Madison won the presidential election by a wide margin. He also worked as Thomas Jefferson's secretary of state, where he supervised the Louisiana Purchase, which essentially doubled the size of the United States at the time.

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This collection of documents, especially Madison's essay No.

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James Madison: 4th President: Pro Separation of Church and State