The influence of high school athletics to teenagers

Throughout childhood and early adolescence, motor skill efficiency progressively increases 41139 Depending on individual physical features, early maturing adolescent females may not be considered ideal for certain sports e.

Other problems include the fact that some teens may argue or disagree with adults as cognitive reasoning abilities become more sophisticated.

How does sports help students academically

In School Board meetings and government gathering spaces across the country, educators, community leaders and others have debated the benefits and consequences of school-sponsored sports, which often must compete against academic programs for at least a portion of their funding. For measures of truancy, skipping class, and absence due to illness, researchers identified no statistically significant differences between athletes and non-athletes. School pride is about staying after the game and singing the alma mater, no matter whether you win or whether you lose. Body composition Body composition changes during adolescence vary by gender. Bullying and even teasing may have negative psychosocial and mental health effects on children and teens and should be discouraged in sports settings. Athletes who are physically and mentally able to qualify for competitive sports are faced with the decision of whether or not to make this a priority in their lives. According to the University of Florida, students of all ages who regularly participate in sports are able to cope better with competition in other areas of their lives. Psychosocial development Adolescents at this stage are more adept at emotionally dealing with successes and failures, as well as potential pressures from parents, coaches, societal expectations, and sports demands. Specifically, adolescent males demonstrate sharp increases in their ability to perform tasks that require muscle strength, while adolescent female athletes tend to show a gradual improvement in muscle strength skills 6 , 11 , 18 , While there are numerous character-building opportunities through school sports, learning to commit to practice times, to sometimes sit on the sidelines and to simply persist in doing something again and again produces character traits that will last a lifetime. By expanding the range of sports being offered, there is a better likelihood that one or more of them will catch the interest of a child. Key elements of these studies, as well as the developmental continuity and interrelatedness are discussed as follows. A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Pediatrics offers a review of 14 studies related to student physical activity and concludes that there is a positive relationship between physical activity and academic performance.

InLamontagne founded the Long Island chapter of Start School Later, a national organization that lobbies school districts to alter their schedules. Female adolescents experience an average growth in height of 8 centimeters cm per year, with a range of 6— Students who sleep more are also less prone to depressionless vulnerable to car accidentsand more likely to wear seat belts and bicycle helmets.

Before taking action, these adolescents can listen to opinions of peers and adults and independently weigh consequences of their decisions.

negative effects of sports on students academic performance

Positive Health Benefits The childhood obesity rate in the United States is at an all-time high and continues to rise with alarming speed. Time management - This is the ability to fulfill all obligations including practice, homeworkfamily, friends, etc.

importance of athletics in high school

Education How School Start Times Affect High-School Athletics Catching more sleep could help student-athletes catch more touchdowns, but some still argue sports schedules are a reason against moving back the first bell.

A transient period of motor incoordination may occur during the adolescent growth spurt between 12—14 years of age and occurs predominately in boys 4811 Adolescents within this age range are typically able to understand the concepts and basic theories behind how a sport is played As a result of this developing process, problems may arise An athlete may observe their own behavior and analyze what was done correctly and what could be improved upon; evaluating strengths and weaknesses.

It digs deeper by looking at the little-studied question of whether adolescent health and educational success vary from sport to sport.

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7 reasons high school athletics are important