The men master thesis psychologie sociale

The men master thesis psychologie sociale

The university student desk is always ready to help students with all the academic and personal necessities. Ik weet wat je eet: Mensen weten beter waar iemand van houdt dan waar iemand niet van houdt. Studying and living in Groningen is a life experience. I came here because I wanted to study in English, and German universities didn't offer English-taught programmes at the time. For example, the University founded a regional centre for expertise on earthquakes. Stel, B. I had attended high standard courses, supervised by the best researchers in their respective fields. Crocket, E. Stel, M. The University of Groningen also suits me well. So during your studies here, you will work with a unique and extensive group of experts involved in important social issues. Working with different people gives my job an exciting challenge. Working papers: van Meer, M.

Psychological Science, 22, — There is a lot of flexibility in that respect. I take care of many different things, I organize educational activities for psychologists, and I do the marketing and sales of a device used in EMDR therapy.

Research in Autism Spectrum Disorder, 23, I would advice current students to do an internship and to gain work experience, as it will teach you new skills.

psychological and behavioral factors of individual terrorists

Women are better at selecting gifts than men. This is a great opportunity to really get to know what scientific research involves. Knowing me, knowing you: The benefits of partner knowledge.

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I enjoy the combining teaching and doing research in my daily work. Therefore, I could also follow some courses about marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business. We are free to choose our own topic to research, and if we want to, we can even choose to combine a thesis and an internship. Through online questionnaires, I examine tolerance and intolerance in the context of migration issues. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 33, — Paper in preparation. Effectiveness and efficiency investigated.

Prast, H.

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