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The uniform automatically ignites a higher sense of school pride. School uniforms last longer. There is quite a bit of concern over gangs. When writing an argumentative paper against school uniforms, the author needs to present negative effects and the positive side to present a complete picture of his topic.

Pros and cons of school uniforms

The author needs to provide a brief background of the topic argument. This particularly becomes an issue when there are several children from the same family are in school. Several questions related to this case are also discussed. Many people feel that uniforms reduce competition among students and bring a sense of unity in school. In this March journal article, Angela gives her perspectives about school uniforms from her British experience with school uniforms. Importance of School Uniform Pros Here, we will look at specific factors that can be considered significant in students wearing uniforms. After presenting all the evidence against school uniform, the author needs to present an opposing view and refute this claim. Brunsma gives information on why he thinks schools adopt school uniform policies. Dress Codes in Schools. Then go over those points again in your conclusion, and finally end with a request to your audience to take some kind of action, or at least consider the debate from a different point of view. Attendance rates in grades 6 through 12 increase by 0. Prevents members of gangs displaying offensive materials. The second paragraph of the body needs to present more evidence about the argument, the author needs to present detailed explanations. Putting the problem this way outlines your inclination to disagree with the benefits of the trend.

Example of introducing an argument. Ladd, Gary W. However, much more attention to the importance of school uniforms arose when a significant movement began in the 's to introduce dress codes within public schools in the United States.

This particularly becomes an issue when there are several children from the same family are in school. There appears to be a significant amount of gang activity affecting many, many schools, especially urban schools.

The idea is that students can concentrate on studying and learning rather than thinking about competing for purchasing designer's clothes or fear violence in some form. Some people also think that wearing school uniform can be a deterrent to school violence.

Thesis statement against school uniforms

Conclusion Students will not enjoy their freedom and school life. You look for experts to provide the research necessary to determine if school uniforms affect achievement, and the experts argue about each other's results. Before we get into the arguments for and against the implementation of school uniforms, we will list some general, overall main concepts that keep appearing throughout much of the literature written about school uniforms. Few significant differences were found. Put all the research in the relevant areas in the outline, and use the outline to try and formulate a thesis statement. For the past few years now; parents, students and schools have had a clash over the issue surrounding the school attire. This is the research study that Ann Bodine disputed in her article listed above. Create a thesis statement Your thesis statement will be a focal point of your research. Deciding whether a school uniform should be implemented is not a black and white issue. A majority of students do not want to wear the uniforms, and as a result, behavioral problems around the school occur.
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