Using textual evidence in essays

While it's almost always a good idea to include quotations when writing about short stories, the trick lies in choosing which quotations to include and, more importantly, what exactly you want to say about them. Avoid unnecessary phrases.

Such quotations are often introduced by a colon.

Introducing evidence in essays

Typically, a quotation of four or five lines is considered long. He is initially struck by an urge to apologize for intruding upon the "motionless" young woman who sits as though balancing something on her chin, for any "exhibition of complete self-sufficiency draws a stunned tribute" from him 8. He comments, "almost any exhibition of complete self-sufficiency draws a stunned tribute from me" 9. For this class you do not need a works cited list unless you are citing outside unassigned sources. He had "disapproved of [Gatsby] from beginning to end" and felt his mysterious neighbor had "paid a high price for living Too long with a single dream" , Since this is a recent change in the guidelines, one still sees ellipses with and without brackets. About Gatsby, Nick offers many judgments. What are the connotations of each word? Nick claims he has learned from his father's words and now is "inclined to reserve all judgments," for he believes that "reserving Judgments is a matter of infinite hope" 1. She has several short stories published in literary journals.

An example of MLA form, listing only page number: Fitzgerald tells us that many people arrived at Gatsby's parties without an invitation, bringing with them only "a simplicity of heart that was its own ticket of admission" Yet in general, discrimination reinforces prejudices, and prejudices provide rationalizations for discrimination.

Quotations don't really become "evidence" until you explain what they prove and how they prove it. For this class you do not need a works cited list unless you are citing outside unassigned sources. As the following quotation points out: "He was balancing himself on the dashboard of his car with that resourcefulness of movement that is so peculiarly American" And unlike a sentence with a quotation where the parenthetical documentation comes before the period, here the page citation comes after the period.

Identify and correct them.

textual evidence example sentence

Or you could try to identify what exactly made you think her age was all he could think about. Often it is not necessary to quote an entire sentence; individual phrases can often provide concise and forceful support.

After presenting an indented quotation the writer must provide a detailed discussion of the quoted material. Thus one must explain and prove the main idea, from introduction to conclusion, from one substantiating point to the next, in a manner that allows the reader to understand clearly what has been stated and permits him little reason to doubt the thesis.

Using textual evidence in essays
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How Do I Effectively Integrate Textual Evidence?