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She did an excellent job and Marco and I were very impressed by the work that she has done. Also, remember to submit one copy of the abstract page without a page number.

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Marco and I monitored this process closely. Which topics? Registration is done by filling in an envelope exam registration at the Student Services. Submit your thesis as a one-sided paper copy to a Doctoral Student for a technical check-up. They will be able to guide you through the entire process and make sure you end up with a professional thesis or digital production.

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The Doctoral Student makes sure the thesis follows the Writing Guidelines of Administrative Sciences in terms of layout and structure. The essay must also have a heading otherwise the examiner evaluating the language of the thesis will not be able to see whether the essay really answers the question.

Uva thesis binding

However, we will help you throughout the entire process ensuring the best results. The thesis was ment to be the culmination of an explicit skills development process building up throughout the research methods courses, research based teaching, and the interdisciplinary content of the PPLE curriculum. Compound documents will be distributed as hardbound publications only. Word order must be unambiguous and fit the structure of the presented information. You are responsible for making sure all your grades are in and all studies, including your thesis and maturity exam, are registered in the Oodi system. The thesis was written in the form of an academic article, between 8. If so, we would like to receive your design preferences and final product.
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Supervising students with their thesis at PPLE (UvA)