Why is rizal our national hero

who made rizal our national hero

That is why Jose Rizal was elected to his national hero. He also taught farming and worked on agricultural projects such as using abaca to make ropes.

who declared rizal as a national hero

These two novels by Rizal, now considered his literary masterpieces, are said to have indirectly sparked the Philippine Revolution. Rizal was charged with sedition, conspiracy, and rebellion — and therefore, sentenced to death by firing squad. The Americans deemed this approach to independence of Andres Bonifacio to be unacceptable and may inspire other Filipinos to rebel against American rule.

His novels awakened Philippine nationalism Rizal had been very vocal against the Spanish government, but in a peaceful and progressive manner.

when did rizal became our national hero

The idea was that Rizal was against the revolution, and he became the national hero only because of the Americans who sponsored and encouraged his cult. Freedom without order will only lead to anarchy.

Every year, the Filipinos celebrate Rizal Day — December 30 each year — to commemorate his life and works.

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