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Notice that this includes much of the earlier grammar as a special case, so that you can just use the earlier parser for these parts. You then only have to modify the corresponding function BinaryFormula in a rather trivial way. This really is true, once you see how they are constructed. A Formula was either a constant, a proposition, a unary-formula, or a binary-formula. It has 9 rules and defines 9 expression types Formula, Constant, etc. It's one of those patterns, whatever those patterns are. In this case, unless you were already familiar with any of these other tools, writing a simple RDP from scratch was probably your easiest bet. Two Helper Functions Before we get to the implementation, we define two helper functions that we'll use extensively. Well, almost

This will be reflected in their implementation. Text Pattern. How about the alternatives in the rule for S?

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You should have temporary output also, though it does not have to be the same as the above examples. It has 9 rules and defines 9 expression types Formula, Constant, etc.

Well, almost This is all Great Note the following key ideas from above: Rules are defined in terms of each other! Let's look at what it does in detail.

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How would go about modifying the parser built above to handle this?

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Recursive Descent Parser