Writing a recommendation

Provide specific examples of ways in which the person has demonstrated these various traits in the past. After all, these letters are generally required for big life events, such as a new job, a home purchase, or admission to a program or school.

short recommendation letter

If you need more information or specific examples, please do not hesitate to contact me ator by email at rcunningham Lqbusiness.

For more details on who you should ask to write your recommendation, check out our detailed guide on how to ask for one. Hiring managers want to make sure to have a good fit for the team, who is great to work with! Can you provide positive feedback about this individual?

There are various different types of recommendation letters, but the three main ones are those for employment, for university applications, and character references. Jones, Dear Ms. Although you want to keep your LinkedIn recommendation short, make sure you include an example or two that demonstrates the candidate has the abilities or traits you mention.

How to Use Letter Samples A letter sample can help you decide what kind of content you should include, as well as how to format your letter. I would highly recommend Jim for any position he chooses to pursue. Use specific examples of times the employer demonstrated these skills or qualities.

Such as relocating for family reasons, or outgrowing the opportunities at the company. Try to tell a story that makes the potential employer feel like they are getting to know the candidate better.

Tip For more specific details on how to format a letter of recommendation, check out our comprehensive business letter format guide.

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Letter of Recommendation Guide