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All the lines are things one must do to progress. After joining Team Kakashi, Naruto worked hard to gain the To introduce the challenge, Marc would have to stop Harvey and Robin from writing " I will not watch Fun House " on it.

Huxtable gets it from one of his kid's teachers, and when he starts, the teacher tells him to not write big as she's onto that one.

Is writing sentences corporal punishment

However, I seem to know more about the electoral process, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights and amendments! The two female office clerks then made him stand at attention and recite his anniversary date 10 times before they would stamp and approve the change. Wizzle , the new Pointy-Haired Boss of an assistant principal introduces lines as a standardized universal punishment as his job is to modernise the school, the irony of this is immediately lampshaded. Make it easy for the reader to follow your writing. Charlotte Collins You did not go to school in my district. I think the time is right to introduce this product. On both the lines and the paddles. Let the punishment showcase the child's creativity. Charlotte Collins I had to memorize the Preamble, but that was part of Civics, and we had to pass a test on the Constitution both state and federal to graduate high school. Relying on an oral agreement or understanding is almost always a mistake. Charlotte Collins Also, love the screen name. Miss O'Malley didn't accept either attempt. I think she should have told you to come up with a plan so that this will never happen again. The Mighty Ducks : The entire Ducks team is detained for quacking at the principal. For example, "How could I have managed my anger better?

Western Animation The Simpsons : Bart writing lines on the blackboard in the opening credits of each episode, with the actual lines differing from episode to episode.

Nesbitt prepared for him, she punishes him by making him go to school and write "I will be a good boy" on the chalkboard 10, times.

At the end of the second act of Mary, Maryafter one of Mary's stupid remarks drives her ex-husband out of his own apartment into the winter night, Mary starts repeating "I must keep my big mouth shut" to herself "mechanically, like a child writing 'lines' as a punishment" as the stage directions put it.

September 16, at pm The one I mentioned upthread—his thing was making you write out the Preamble of the Constitution a certain number of times.

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Bart forced Homer to write a claim that he's an adult afraid of his own son.

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my boss told me to write the same sentence times as punishment for a mistake